Who is NorthUK Radio

NorthUK Radio is a new  not-for-profit radio station that is run soley on donations and goodwill of everyone at the station, from the server provider to the DJ’s that entertain us all.
Our Aim is to build on this to enable NorthUK Radio to always remain a free playing Internet Radio Station operating from various locations providing our listeners with a variety of music genres and mixes not found on commercial stations.

We are currently broadcasting 24/7 with a mix of music genres using our On-Demand Archives and scheduled Live DJ’s.

We currently do not have a fixed location state of the art studio All our dj’s produce and broadcast their shows from various locations around the UK and beyond using different audio setups.

Even without a state of the art studio all our staff work hard to make NorthUK Radio sound the best that it can be with their given dj setup, some are Professional systems while others are Amateur but everyone trys to deliver the best music and quality they can. 

So please support all our efforts and tunein to our station.