Want to join The NorthUK Radio team?

Are you a DJ or have you always wanted to be a DJ?

If you are interested in Joining our team of volunteer DJ’s and have a passion for music that you want to share with the rest of the world and you believe you have something to offer Northukradio and its listeners, We would like to hear from you.

Live DJ’s – Thats What we Require..

We are currently only looking for DJ’s to do live shows on our station, if you can spare the time and think you have something special that listeners would like we want to hear from you.

OK, That’s enough talk – let’s get started!

We have recently changed hands and wold like to hear from any DJ or aspiring DJ or producer/podcaster that would like to join our little family.
We are also trying something new and will be promoting shows via our facebook page and the website shedule.
For the very latest show information check out our facebook page where you will find information on our DJ’s live shows.

How to apply – Easy

You can contact us from our facebook page to apply to broadcast on NorthUKradio.

What do I need to broadcast ?

The following information will give you an idea of what you will need.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to bring something creative to the table that isn’t already being done on existing shows. Be creative!
  2. Your computer and Internet connection must be fast enough to upload the live audio stream to the server.  High speed cable, DSL, or equivalent is required.
  3. You need the broadcasting software and of course you need a microphone and headphones. You will also need to be able to transfer files in order to upload your show to archives and be able to create promo clips, etc..   We can help you find and configure all the necessary software fully, anything you may be troubled by, our team of DJ’s offer full support and assistance.
  4. Once you and your show ideas have been approved, it’s time for you to get involved…
  5. Like our Facebook Group at