Welcome to NorthUK Radio…..

NorthUK Radio is run soley on donations and goodwill of everyone at the station, from the server provider to the DJ’s that entertain us all.
Our Aim is to build on this to enable NorthUK Radio to always remain a free playing Internet Radio Station.
This is why we have setup this donation page to let our listeners support us.

To operate and maintain our radio station takes up a considerable amount of time as well as website costs, server costs, station ID jingles and other associated costs.
We work hard to try and make NorthUK Radio the best that it can be, and when some appreciative listener kindly donates (no matter what the amount), we feel like we are actually accomplishing something here.

So if you’re feeling generous and want to support all our efforts to keep NorthUK Radio online please feel free to click the Paypal button below and make a donation in the amount of your choice.
If you choose not to donate thats not a problem as NorthUK Radio is here to stay so enjoy shows and the music anyway!

NorthUK Radio Management & DJ’s

Here’s How to Donate:

To make a donation to NorthUK Radio, please click on the ‘donate’ button below.
You’ll be taken to Paypal’s secure website where you can enter the amount you wish to donate. Use a Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, or your Paypal account to make your donation.
Thank you in advance!

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